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On arrival guest will be helped by the cavaliers (waitrons) to a glass of sweet wine or juice and help them to get dressed in the proper medieval gear, they will no longer be known as guests but Lords and ladies. All the lords and ladies will then have a chance to get a drink, mingle before the proceedings starts. No glasses are allowed.
The court Jester will brief the king and queen in advance before he enters the court and introduce himself to the "peasants" who are visiting our kingdom. In good faith they will obey and respect our king and queen.
When about 90% of the guests have arrived and are dressed in the medieval gear, the Court Jester will ask all the lords and ladies to take their seats so that the proceedings can start. Once the Lords and ladies are seated the Jester will proceed by welcoming the Lords and Ladies to the court and teach them the Royal Cheer which is Hazaa. (Meaning long live the king and queen.) When they know the Cheer the Jester will fetch the king and queen and bring them into the kingdom. When the king and queen have taken their seats the Jester will proceed by informing all of the rules of the kingdom, i.e. No time keeping devices (watches), no communication devices (cellphones), etc. etc.

Whilst explaining the rules the Jester will make a few jokes and throw the peasants (lords and ladies behaving badly or not listening) into the dungeon or stocks. When the rules are done starters will be served and the Jester will leave the venue until everyone has had starters.
The jester will return after starters have been served and then proceed. If there are speeches it is preferred that it is to be done after starters to get all the formal proceedings done as the medieval party is about letting your hair down and enjoying your selves. After that the King and Queen will have a chance to throw peasants into the dungeons, have them sing songs for them and congratulate Lords and Ladies who have impressed them so far by drowning them in a goblet of wine.
We will then move on to main course and it is tradition that before main course is served the king and queen will be entertained by each table performing a song, the table who does this the best will receive main course first. The Jester will once again leave the court. Once main course is finished the Jester will return and over throw the kingdom so that the dance floor can be opened.

King & Queen

 If the medieval party is for a birthday then the person whose birthday it is and their partner will be king or queen. If the medieval party is for a corporate function then the company can elect a king and queen either before the party or the Jester can elect the king and queen at the party.
If the court Jester elects the king and queen, what he will do is each table will have a chance to nominate a king and a queen and then the court jester will have a quick contest with all the nominee's to see who will become king and who will become queen. The court jester will then take the chosen king and queen out of the venue and prep them for the evening.

Seating arrangement

Groups of 50-60 3 x 20 seater tables
Groups of 60-70 2 x 25 & 1 * 20 seater tables
Groups of 70-80 4 x 20 seater tables
Groups of 80-250 will be seated at tables accordingly to what is best for the venue.


With the emphasis on service, true hospitality and comfort - combined with our BREATHTAKING VIEWS, we offer the ideal breakaway from the city's hustle and bustle for team building, formal and informal seminars, workshops or training with ample free and secure parking available. Equipment and Services available.
Television, Video Recorder, Overhead Projectors, Screen, Whiteboard, Pens, Flipcharts, Fax Machines, Data Projectors adaptable for PC/Laptop (For Hire), Natural Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Free secure parking, Dinning Area,

Fully Licensed Bar

Full day Package:
R275.00 Per Person
- Arrival: Tea/coffee/muffins - Morning Break: Tea/coffee/sandwiches - Lunch: 3 Course Buffet Meal - Afternoon Break: Tea/coffee/Cake

Half Day Package:
R275.00 per person
- Arrival: Tea/coffee - Morning Break: Tea/coffee/Snacks - Lunch: 3 Course Buffet Meal

Optional extra's:
*Breakfasts *After Conference Braai *Cocktail Meals


With our superb views and some of the best sunsets in the world Bloemendal Restaurant is the ultimate venue to host your Wedding.
We can accommodate both Ceremony and Reception at our premises, should it be from an intimate wedding with 10 guests attending to a much larger wedding of up to 250 guests. Allow Bloemendal Restaurant to host your guests with good food, wine and an unforgettable dining experience on your special day.